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Jim Burns - photo by Dan Mottsman

Recent Missals:
August 2011:          Jim Burns


March 2011:            Paracelsus


December 2010:    Rumi

The Listening Attention

September 2010:   The Listening Attention

puer aeternus

January 10:         Puer Aeternus


April 09:           Maharishi and Effortless Meditation

George Fox

February 09:   Shakers and Quakers_____________

Padre Pio

December 08: Padre Pio_______________________

Marcus Aurelius

September 08: Aurelius/Boethius_____________

JG Bennett
June 08:         JG Bennet___________________

William Blake

March 08:        Art________________________

Hubert Benoit

December 07: Hubert Benoit________________

Wei Wu Wei - Terence Gray

October 07:    Wei Wu Wei___________________

Joseph Sadony

July 07:           Joseph Sadony_________________

Douglas Harding

May 07:          Douglas Harding_______________


March 07:       The Listening Attention__________

William Samuel

January 07:     William Samuel_______________________

G. I. Gurdjieff

November 06:  Gurdjieff_______________________


September 06: Ouspensky______________________

Maurice Nicoll

July 06:            Maurice Nicoll___________________

solitary retreat - photo by Bob Fergeson

May 06:             Spiritual Retreat, or Isolation________

painting by David Heubner

February 06:    Prayer ____________________________

Richard Rose

October 05:   Richard Rose________________________


June 05:       Enneagram___________________________

Tour of Jeruselum - William Blake

May 05:       Tricks and Traps________________________

William Blake

November 04:  William Blake_________________________

Franz Hartmann

October 04:      Franz Hartmann______________________________

U. G. Krishnamurti

August 04:        U. G. Krishnamurti______________

Cathars Montsegur
July 04:             Cathars_________________________

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