Motion Sickness

A couple of poems about movements of the mind. First one is to the tune of England Swings by Roger Miller:

Our moods swing like the pendulum do,
Up and downs coming two by two.
The thrill of excitement, the depression when it ends,
why can’t we be like the little children?

Thrills and spills are the ways that we’re moved,
first comes the high, then the nasty black moods.
Desire and guilt, these obsessions we feed,
but anger and fear follow every mis-deed.


Next is to the tune of Round the Mulberry Bush:

Round and round the advaita bush,
the ego chased its shadow, The ego thought it was all in fun,
Pop, goes the shadow.

A penny for a new big head,
A penny for good feelings—
That’s the way the ego goes,
Pop! goes the shadow.


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