At Home with the Inner Self by Jim Burns

  The fountainhead lies totally within…


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Jim Burns was the only living person that Richard Rose spoke of as having “made the trip.” At Home with the Inner Self consists of transcripts from informal talks recorded in 1984 and 1985. New to the third edition is an interview conducted in 2006 as well as the photographs that evoke the graceful dissolution of the urban landscape that Jim calls home.

As a diagnosed schizophrenic, Jim Burns is a man tortured by his outer self for much of his life, yet truly “at home with the inner self.” His illness gives him unique insight into psychology and the impetus to study the mind as, truly, his life depended on it. Perhaps his greatest gift is leaving clues for other seekers looking for inner truth.

“The key to the whole process lies in the fact that there is a fountain-spring of endless guidance and information within every human being. One only has to learn to get out of its way, to let the consciousness generate in a stilled and quiet mind.

At Home with the Inner Self
Softcover, 124 pages, ISBN: 9780979963070


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