A Christmas Present

One of the miracles we can have on Christmas is the simple one of just being aware. No reactions, no imagination, no thinking, just the simple spontaneous being of awareness.

Spruce and Aspen Trees
Spruce and Aspen Trees

I remember the feeling of bliss and innocent anticipation of childhood Christmas mornings. I hadn’t yet formed a thought pattern of how things should be, had been, could or would be, I was just amazed at the scene unfolding before me, unmindfully aware. We can find that magic again. Leave thought and feeling, for just a moment, and just listen with your eyes. Look around. How amazing we are, to be aware. And thus the world becomes amazing once again too.
This simple awareness is love unfettered, pure bliss, and needs no product of thought or feeling to give it it’s meaning. We can tell if what we are, in the moment, is pure awareness, or a product of thought/feeling, by looking for the gap of time. Anything produced by the brain, of chemical or reactive make-up, is revealed for what it is by the ever so slight gap between our original perception and the near-immediate reaction, and consequent mind-projection. This projection is usually all of the process we are aware of, and what is usually called reality.  All thoughts and feelings are separated from awareness by this slight gap, and thus being in time, are not our true eternal nature.
Thinking and feeling is an after-the-fact reaction in the mind realm that has the unfortunate side effect of either being good or bad. Plain awareness is blessedly free of such nonsense. Like an alert idiot, our awareness gratefully doesn’t know any better, doesn’t have a clue if we’ve been bad or good, if we are worthy or worthless, or anything else for that matter. It just is, and as such, so are we.

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