Exploring the Language of the Soul



” I found that the study of dreams led me to a better understanding of moods…. I have found that there are three major moods in dreamland…. One of the moods is fear. Another is seduction or acquisition. And the third is nostalgia…. The above three moods represent three great motivations that for some reason have been ingrained or programmed into all people. I think that the understanding of the effects of moods, and combinations of moods, will bring us closer to an understanding of the non-somatic mind and how it affects—seriously—the life of the body. I think it might be a good idea to look for our understanding of the mind in the mind itself. I maintain that the nostalgic mood becomes the language of the soul. It is the inner man trying to get through the earth-man’s paradigm, to communicate with him.”Richard Rose, from the Lecture on Moods, The Direct-Mind Experience

Self-realization is possible only because the body-mind, which we identify with as our individual self, emanates continuously from the source or soul of all, the Self of all selves. That downward current from our source speaks to us in the language of nostalgia: “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandmother’s house we go” carries us back to feelings of perfect moments in our memory or pre-memory of earlier times, when we had not a care in the world. Like the biblical story of the prodigal son, we’ve come from a home where there are no problems, and the nostalgia mood calls us to follow its ray back to that source.

The 2012 TAT Fall Workshop will be held over the Labor Day weekend, Friday, August 31st through Sunday, September 2nd. Sessions will investigate issues such as longing, self-transcendence, eternality, ignorance, harmony, and returning to the source.

The weekend begins with a standalone session on Friday evening for those who can arrive early. On Saturday, participants split into small groups for two interactive workshops (see details), coming back together for other activities. Participants again split into groups for a third workshop on Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon wraps up the workshops with friendly feedback by and for all participants. Free time for informal talking, walking meditation, and other activities is scheduled for both afternoons, as is a before-dinner rapport sitting on Saturday.

The registration deadline for the Fall Workshop is Friday, August 24th.

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