Practical Wisdom

Practical Wisdom: TAT Foundation Weekend Intensive

Saturday & Sunday, April 13-14, 2013

Practical Wisdom
Practical Wisdom

Everyone wants to be wise (vs. foolish, cockeyed, idiotic, laughable, goofy, unwise). Wisdom can be practical (how to tie your shoes, avoid getting hit by vehicles when crossing the street) or impractical (how many dollar bills laid end to end it would take to circle the equator). Practicality implies helping one succeed in real circumstances. Wisdom implies deep understanding and realization.

The search for a permanent solution to our suffering and longing; the search for truth, beauty, and the creative force, is predominately set aside by the scramble for the next dollar, the next high, the next bit of excitement or security. Join us for a weekend dedicated to the work of highest value: the search for Practical Wisdom.


Bob Fergeson: author of The Listening Attention and NostalgiaWest photographer.

Veteran meditation teacher Michael Conners

Heather Saunders: hospice nurse and longtime spiritual practitioner.

Poet and Filmmaker Shawn Nevins

Open Space Technology – a session harnessing the wisdom and interests of conference participants

Nature Walks and Meditation Sittings

The registration deadline for the April intensive is Monday, April 8th.


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