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TAT 2012 November Gathering

What Is A Person?

Scanning the index of TAT Forum issues going back to November 2000, there are three articles written by TAT members or friends with personality, personhood or person featured in their titles. And here’s a peek at what they had to say:

I’m convinced that self-observation, when done correctly (without getting sucked into analysis), is a technique which “maneuvers” the awareness away from identification with the ego, so that in an instant ALL of ego becomes the view—the dreary details just aren’t important then…. You could reject the argument you know so well and instead of giving it form in words, look at how you FEEL, and give expression to that. I wonder what thoughts would then arise is you, and what verbal form they would take…. Before you observe clearly, or perhaps just at the moment when you do, reaction immediately sets in: defense, rejection, yes, no, good, bad, aversion, attraction. Analysis results. The ego-based arguments get verbalized and you are sucked right back into identification with the fictional you. — On Personality, Analysis & Going Within, by Bob Cergol

Somewhere along the line we read or heard someone say to us, this self you think is you, is not you, it is an elaborate production—it is a trick. Or maybe, if we were lucky, we got a peek behind the scenes via an experience of trauma, or maybe even some sort of spiritual or satori experience. Whatever the case, however it happened, we got attuned to the notion that person we took ourselves to be was not as solid, continuous, and consistent as we once thought. Indeed, we noticed that we were, to one degree or another, being tricked. — … But it Feels Like Me!: Discerning the Fabric of Personhood, by Alex Danilowicz

Ramana Maharshi stated his view succinctly: “‘I am a man’ is not natural. You are neither this nor that.” Nisargadatta Maharaj put it even more forcefully: “You have squeezed yourself into the space of a lifetime and the volume of a body, and thus created the innumerable conflicts of life and death. Have your being outside this body of birth and death, and all your problems will be solved. They exist because you believe yourself born to die. Undeceive yourself and be free. You are not a person!”

Are you a person? Then you will be alternately happy and unhappy. The fun prospects of life are ruined by death waiting in the wings. Of course death may eventually seem appealing. You will never be fully satisfied. An individual (a separate thing) is never going to be whole. — Are You a Person? by Art Ticknor

TAT’s fourth and final gathering for the year presents an opportunity to come together on the “grand work” for which Richard Rose founded the TAT Society:

“After all, are we not all working for the same goal, which is Truth, which is God if God is found through the search for Truth, or for the Absolute, if the Absolute is found through a search for Truth?” — Richard Rose

The registration deadline for the November Gathering is Friday, November 2nd.