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The TAT Foundation: TAT is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization established in 1973 to provide a forum for philosophical and spiritualTAT Foundation inquiry. TAT was founded on the belief that your investigation of life's mysteries is expedited by working with others who are exploring, perhaps down a different road, so that you may share your discoveries, exchange ideas, and "compare notes" in order to come to a better understanding of yourself and others.

Nostalgiawest, Spiritual Photography: This site was formed to try to convey the timeless feeling of through photographs. I've found that deep down, we are all connected, and the experiences of one are the experiences of all. It is my wish that through these photos, what these eyes have seen, and what this heart has felt, will become available for all, and that the longing these scenes have stirred within me, will stir in the hearts of others. This nostalgia I feel for the Western landscape springs from the longing to return to the home within.
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The Listening Attention: A companion site to the Missal which examines the need for direct perception in the spiritual quest. In the spiritual search, the quest for true listeningattention.orgself-definition, we soon come to the realization that our best efforts, and even our very selves, are mechanical and reactive.  A different level of seeing is needed, a pure awareness that is not itself a product of the world or mind, but primary to the reaction pattern we call ourselves. A listening which is attentive yet not reactive, and unaffected by circumstance and the constant changes of thought and mind.  

Tess site is about offering some crumbs at the table of Returning to our True Nature. It's about spiritual development, Tess Hugheswhich is synonymous with dissolution of the ego. Spiritual awakening is the purpose of life. It is what we are here for. It is about coming to know our True Nature. It's a strange thing that we have somehow become blind to our own True Natures, but this is precisely what happens to us humans.

Spiritual Teachers Guide: This site is a timesaving guide to one aspect of the spiritual quest: the search for a teacher.  Concise reviews of teachers ranked by a seekers personal experience and years of research.  An excellent web-site for sorting through the many teachers and their systems.
Looking for something a bit different? Try a movie... go to The Spiritual Teachers Guide and the great web page on spiritual films at

The Self-Discovery Multi-Site Portal : What's behind the sense of 'I am'? Who's living, and who's facing death? Who or what am I, essentially? self discoveryThroughout history occasional individuals have told of finding the answer to those questions, and their testimonies often have a surprising consistency.  For individuals seeking to find the answer for themselves, those testimonies provide helpful clues for pursuing the search to a successful conclusion.
    For some searchers, working by themselves is the preferred method. Others intuit that finding a few fellow seekers to work with may expedite their progress. Still more fortunate may be those who find a living person who has made the journey and can provide assistance from the perspective of that realization. The Self-Discovery site is designed to offer all three modes of help. committed to spiritual seekers who are earnestly looking for deeper meaning in life. Here, you will find rare reading material for seekers who are searchwithin.orgserious about discovering something meaningful — something about their Self. We offer no dogmas, no enchanted formulas, and no sales pitches. Read these pages with an open mind and an open heart, and you may catch a glimpse of something deeper within...

Franklin Merrell-Wolff was an American philosopher, mathematician, and sage who combined an extraordinary intellect with profound mystical insight and Franklin Merrell-Wolffauthenticity. Those who knew Dr. Wolff were blessed by his openness to share both his wisdom and his deeply profound presence."“The ultimate objective is to facilitate, as far as possible, that event which, when achieved, is called Fundamental Realization or Enlightenment.”

The University of Yourself : offers dream-work via teleconferencing, leading you to an understanding of your dreams through understanding yourself. University of Yourself Dr.Ron has his own unique blend of humor and understanding. "Dreams are filmed “live and in person” inside of you. They reveal the facts of your inner life. They contain profound insights about every aspect of your existence. And they do not know how to lie." -Dr. Ron Masa
 'Helping You Hear the Guide Inside'

The Foundation of Human Understanding: For over three decades, the Foundation for Human Understanding has been helping people to cope successfully Foundation of Human Understanding, meditation, prayer Roy Masterswith stress by showing them how to live according to the traditional Judeo-Christian Principals of patience, honesty, courage, self-control, forgiveness, and real love for one's fellow man. In other words, to live according to conscience, and not according to the pressures of the outside world.

Vicki Woodyard: "Nurturing the now is a way of living in the present with peace and optimism. You must yearn to the living experience that you are." Vicki Woodyard has brought the fruits of her life and suffering into a site that is inspirational and a comfort to those in need.
The first step should be into silence. Begin with the silent witnessing of your thoughts.
The next step is into surrender. Let the thoughts be there without fighting them.
Thirdly, admit that you need higher help. This will bring in the principle of humility
- Vicki Woodyard
Buy Vicki's book, Life With A Hole In It, at amazon

Capacitie: "No brims nor borders such as in a bowl we see, my essence was Capacitie"  "Capacitie was the word used bySt. Mary's Parish Church, Credenhill where Traherne held the living from 1661 until his death and where the annual Traherne Festival is centred. Thomas Traherne to describe his essential being. Terms such as Original Nature, True Nature, First Nature, What we really are, Now, etc., are probably the more readily recognized contemporary equivalents. It is an attempt to combine the strands of enquiry and activity which I have found to most fruitful in dis-covering Capacitie. I look upon the website as another strand in the enquiry referred to above, a form of participation in what Traherne called the Fellowship of the Mystery. "- by Alan Mann, with information on Traherne, Douglas Harding, and John Wren-Lewis.

Paul Hedderman: What is the Sound of One Hand Slapping?  Paul has a unique style and approach to the problem of addiction. Speaking from experience and insight, he offers a path to self-knowledge as well as a route out of obsession.

Poetry in Motion Films: To create inspiring and challenging films that explore the spiritual, philosophic, and metaphysical dimensions of life. Call it spiritual cinema, spiritual documentary, or spiritual film, we're engaged in examining the perennial questions: where did I come from? what has meaning? why am I here? where am I going? what is this place? Through small films about big ideas, Poetry in Motion Films hopes to expand your possibilities for a life well-lived.

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