Ways and MeansWilliam Blake - from 'Ancient of Days'____________________________________
"The highest form of spiritual work is the realization of the essence of man.   You never learn the answer;  you can only become the answer." - Richard Rose

The following pages contain ways and means which I have found to be practical and deliver results. Any one can use them, the only price being commitment and honest effort.
Information: a listing of books and websites offering useful info to the earnest seeker.  Contacts, ideas, and paths to explore.

Lifestyle: a healthy body and a clear mind are essential
to any endeavor. Here's some ideas to help build and conserve energy, relax, and maintain a way of life conducive to the search.

Practical Methods of Meditation: the road maps left by others who have gone before can be a valuable help. Here's a selection of methods one can put to use and see results from the effort.

Aim and Effort: staying focused, hard work, and self-honesty pull all the other methods together and keep one safe from tangents and temptation.

Groups: working with others can save time and provide invaluable friendships. A group of like-minded seekers is a secure and expedient way to travel.

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