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A Door to Ways and Means on the Spiritual Path
   The Search for Spiritual Truth can be an elusive and exhausting battle. The need for self-definition and self-knowledge is rare and seldom valued in today's society. In other words, we need all the help we can get. Through this site I hope to offer a few simple and effective tools for turning one's life into a living prayer : ways and means on the practical road to the Divine.  

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The Missal's Mission: The Mystic Missal was formed to distribute and preserve practical esoteric knowledge to help lead the serious seeker to a change of being.

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 The Listening Attention:
No matter how subtle or astute our meditation may be, we will never realize nirvana by using yet another facet of samsara. A different level of seeing is needed, a pure awareness that is not itself a product of the world or mind, but primary to the reaction pattern we call ourselves.


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to stir the longing within.

This site is dedicated to my father, Edgar, and to my teacher, Richard Rose. I did not have the ability to thank them in person for their gifts: creativity from my father, and from Richard Rose, the freedom to manifest it. This site would not exist without them. Thank you both.

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