The Mindful Trackers

Who are we, really?

“Track the most cunning animal of all… the self, and come face to face with who it really is.”

Photographer and writer Paul Rezendes has an unusual take on realization, formed in part from his years of experience in the outdoors as a wildlife tracker and teacher. Join him and fellow tracker George Leoniak as they take us on the journey of self-inquiry, into the wilds of our inner world to find the ‘self’.

“This is spot on and different enough in flavour, it should be shared”- TH

The complete video series on inner tracking, featuring Paul Rezendes and George Leoniak, is available for viewing here:

The preface from his book, The Wild Within, gives a brilliant examplePaul Rezendes of Paul’s realization: “realization is living, being energy that is aware or awake to what is, or to what is arriving in the moment. An awareness that is at rest and has no intention for anything to be other than what it is.”

View the complete preface here:

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